Monday, June 22, 2009


As usual, I forgot to take pics of a few cakes but I managed to get the majority of them! First up, two tiered iced in buttercream with coarse sugar, satin ribbon, and fresh floral.
330 cupcakes: white, chocolate, strawberry, and pumpkin spice!
3 tiers iced in buttercream with satin ribbon at 2000 Grand....whata view!

Happy Fathers Day golf ball! :)

Whew, a tall one. 6 tiers iced in buttercream with satin ribbon and fresh floral at John Knox Pavillion in Lee's Summit, MO

2 tier, iced in buttercream, airbrushed blue with white chocolate buildings and stuff....

I love Smurfs!

My mini wedding cake to celebrate a 15 year anniversary (matches the original cake)


My good friend Fred brought me roses in a "Layer Cake" wine bottle!!!! So pretty....
and he caught me in the act of concentrating....can't help but stick my tongue out when I'm thinking :)


Birthday cake for a past-brides momma, made to look like a postage stamp

Bday cakes for 2 sherriffs deputies

and a congrats for making the SWAT team...

Happy birthday volcano...

Three tiers, iced in buttercream with quilted pattern, purple edible pearls, satin ribbon and rhinestones.
4 tiers iced in buttercream at Faulkners Ranch in Raytown, MO.

3 tier wedding, iced in buttercream with buttercream vines painted with silver lustre dust to match the invitations at Loose Mansion in Kansas City, MO.