Sunday, May 25, 2008


OK, so for starters, we went to my sons school for the annual art scramble and the kids had done a unit on symmetry. The art teacher had made this wall o' cakes and I thought it was necessary to have my pic by it! (even if I do look terrible!)

Next, a wedding at Camelot Ballroom in Stanley, KS...the cake kinda matched the wrought iron arch in the background and believe it or not, this was totally by accident. She gave me a scroll to work with and this is what I came up with, without knowing about the arch.

This cake was at the Hillcrest Country Club in South KC. Four hexagon tiers with lots of frilly, girly "stuff". I love the bride and groom eating cake...CUTE!

This behemoth was at the Loose Mansion in Midtown KC. I told the bride this cake was going to be a monster and it was! Four round tiers with random scrolls and course sugar crystals. Fresh rose petals were sprinkled between the tiers.
And just to prove my point, I went and asked the chef to stand by the cake so I could show how tall it was. He said, "No way, you stand by the cake and I'll take the picture!" He then promptly went back to the kitchen where he said he was staying because he was afraid of the cake! HA!
Four tiers, two round, two square, decorated with alternating Swiss dots and comb with silver ribbon and fresh roses. The coordinator made this cake stand and I thought it was fantastic! She used four square vases, filled with dragon tears and roses then added water. She then placed a large piece of glass on top and lit the whole deal with twinkle lights. LOVE IT!

Sunday, May 18, 2008


So, it was a pretty busy weekend with graduation and all...I did this grad cake...kinda plain
A birthday cake for my sons 4th grade teachers son...
A bridal shower for my pal, Aimee...
A birthday cake for my other pal Kelly's son...
A wedding at Arrowhead Club which is a super cool venue, what a view...
except with all of the construction, you have a long haul to get your stuff into the clubA garden themed wedding at the Villa...look at those flowers, they are paper! cute, huh? and cake charms...again, cute huh?
A wedding at The Kansas City Club...

Chiefs grooms cake...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

KC Zombie Walk 2008

Ok, so I realize that this is an odd post for a blog that is dedicated to beautiful cakes and yummy recipes but this is too good to not share. Last night was the first ever KC Zombie Walk. There was no special reason for this except to have fun. We figure about 60-70 zombies showed up and walked through the streets of Westport ending at Kelly's Irish Pub. It was a blast...if you live in KC, I strongly suggest you start planning your costume for the October Zombie Walk and come join us because we had soooooooo much fun!

Here is a nice shot of me and my pal, Jamie...we have been friends for 27 years! (We figured this out in our alcohol-induced stupor...yea, it took us a minute to add it up)

Ah...the poor, unsuspecting living...
This was one brave girl...there is no way I would be able to go in public with that much flesh showing!

I really don't make a very good zombie...I smiled the whole time and during the walk when I was supposed to be acting dead....well, I was cracking up. On a side note, I did use raspberry filling for blood so that kind of fits into the theme of my blog right?

Look what we found on the corner...
Doesn't this guy kind of look like Jim Carrey in The Mask?

She said she thought her neighbors thinks she's crazy now because she was out in the backyard rubbing dirt and grass all over her dress... :)

The guy on the left that kind of looks like Beetlejuice...well, he used black food coloring gel on his face...poor sucker, that really doesn't wash off easily. He went to the bathroom and washed his face because his moss was bothering him and he still had purple drips on his mouth!
This guy was hilarious...
Remember Mystery Science Theatre 3000?
Another odd pic to put on a food blog but look what the toilet seat says in the Ironhorse...I HAD to take a picture of this!


Yahoo for wedding season! I did this cake for my friend Carrie. Two tiers white cake and chocolate cake with raspberry filling, and one tier strawberry cake. Decorated with cornelli lace and matching blue tops with fresh roses and hydrangea. I also did two grooms cakes for them, a firefighter helmet and bunker boots but I forgot to take pics. Duh!

This was a cake for Angela and Steven. It was two tiers carrot cake and two tiers white and chocolate cake with raspberry filling, all iced with cream cheese...yum! Their wedding was at a really cool place...which I think is going to be one of my new favorite venues. This was for a second reception...the couple got married somewhere else, had a reception there and then had another reception here! Three tiers, all white cake with satin ribbon and fresh roses.
This cake was for Don Harman's birthday. He's my favorite person on the morning news and I kinda think his wife is like, the cutest thing EVER! Chocolate cake with almond buttercream.

Did this for a baby shower. Do you know how much I love it when past brides call me to make baby shower cakes? :)
Graduation from UCM...although, it's still hard for me to not call it CMSU.
See you next week!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Kauffman Memorial Gardens

Yesterday, I took my mom to the Kauffman Memorial Gardens because she had never been pretty is this place?
fountains in the middle of the garden...
Notice they painted the tree trunks blue for the Royals (since this is the KAUFFMANS!)
Here' smy beautiful model for the day, my daughter, Molly Lou :)
What a cheese...she's a natural!
Stopping to smell the ranunculus...awww
Hi Momma!
Practicing for her big ballet debut
Josh...I almost wanna go here instead!

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Just one wedding this weekend...every tier had a layer of white cake and a layer of chocolate cake but each tier had different with raspberry, one with bavarian cream, and one with chocolate ganache...and the top was to save.
And just for fun, here's one of me adding fresh floral...I brought my mom along and she snapped some pics...blech