Thursday, November 27, 2008

The Fred Factor by Mark Sanborn

Fred, my friend from the gym, is seriously the nicest guy you could ever meet. He has a hobby of growing roses and gives them away to anyone and everyone just to brighten their day...never expects anything in return, just does it to be nice. Fred asked me to read this book so I could understand why he does this.

The Fred Factor is about a mailman that goes above and beyond what his job description says he should do. He makes sure that his "customers" are happy and get the very best service that he can provide. That's's all about giving your all in all that you do. If we could all do this, this world we live in would be a nicer place. If you would like to read something motivational...try this. :)

Creating Myself by Mia Tyler

Alright, well it's been a while since I read a REALLY good book but this one...yea, it was a good 'un! This book is about the life of Mia Tyler, legendary rocker Steven Tylers daughter. The book tells how even though she had a famous dad, a beautiful groupie mom and basically all the money she could ever can still suck. After almost committing suicide she has a new view on life and tells us to look for the positives in everything and not dwell on the negative. Good book, you should go pick it up!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Decker's Wedding

Here is the firefighter families that were left at the end of the night...
Sweet little Emma enjoying a cuppy cake!
And another....I think she had like 4 cupcakes :)

"Ok, this how it do what my husband tells you to and then you get a good performance review..."

And here's the boss dancing with his wife...finally.

Aw...Brian and Jess
Steven, is that a drunken stupor look on your face? I was trying to get a pic of Goldie in the background but I couldn't catch her!

Jeanne's gonna kill me!

Me doing the Chicken Dance with Emma.
Emma dancing with her momma.

Emma dancing with her daddy....she's a little dancin' fool!

Poor Decker...he probably feels violated.
This picture is really not all that interesting....oh wait...MRS. SMITH!!!! Shame!
Weiner! Why do you look so petrified?

Butt out Steven

Tim doing a keg stand...he kicked the crap outta Mark!
Weiner did one...
Brian did one...

Mark did one...

And even Jess did one...

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Luke's Birthday

Well....I said there wouldn't be any cake pics from last week because I had lost my camera...but my sister-in-law snapped this pic of my sons birthday cake and emailed it over. He wanted a mountain with army climbing up the side fighting and a plane dropping bombs from the top with flames and craters in the mountain side....uhhhh, whatever. He got the mountain, the guys, and the bombs, flames or craters.....sounds like a fair trade to me?!?!
Here's Molly Lou waiting for a piece of cake...little doll baby. :)
And here's my handsome husband and his hot sister....they've got some good genes on that side of the family!

Hope's Highway by Dorothy Garlock

Hope's Highway was a pretty quick read. The story reminds me a whole lot of The Grapes of Wrath due to the fact that the entire book is set on the road to California. Several families from Missouri who own ice businesses (this is when people still used ice boxes for fridges) decide to head to California and start there businesses fresh there. Unlike today, the trip takes weeks and there is plenty of drama along the way. It is kinda neat to read about what life was like in other times.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Murder on the Menu by Miranda Bliss

This is a really cute book. It reminds me of the Stephanie Plumb books (One for the Money, Two for the Show, etc) which if you haven't read you should definitely do. Anyways, Miranda Bliss has a funny personality that comes through in her writing...she's sarcastic and I love it. This book is about two best friends who work in a restaurant, find another friend dead, and then try to figure out what happened to her when the police won't. Good read, just takes a day or two! Oh yea, no cake pics this week because I lost my camera....duh.

Saturday, November 8, 2008


Pretty busy week around here....once again, I forgot to take pics of a couple cakes but here is what I did get. A Noah's Ark baby shower cake....white cake with chocolate ganache.
A strawberry princess crown...I did baby Chamberlain's baby shower cake last year. :)
Ms. Page's rockstar cupcakes...
This cake has to be for the luckiest teenager ever...tonight was her Sweet 16 birthday party at the Hyatt...they had a Vegas theme complete with gaming tables, a limo, yummy dinner, virgin martinis and this lovely cake!

This couple was actually married in Florida and had their reception at home here in KC. All white cake with buttercream icing and white chocolate seashells.
Three tiers all iced in buttercream with chocolate piping at Deer Creek Golf Club in Overland Park, KS.
This Swiss dot cake with fresh hydrangeas was at the Carriage Club in Mission Hills.

Bonfire Party!

Sorry, I'm a little late uploading these but take what you want and if you want to print any just email me and i can send them to you as an attachment. :) My camera really stinks and the pictures are foggy because...well, because of the fog. Seriously, we had to go 10 miles and hour all the way home from Pleasant Hill.

Crazy lights...not sure what happened there
Looks like flaming jell-o shots!
we had to kinda watch out for the blue ones...they were a little stiff
Nice hood....

"Alright fuggers. Who wants a blue one?"