Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Whispers by Dean Koontz

FINALLY...a book that isn't predictable! I admit that the beginning of the book was a little lacking in action but it certainly picked up speed as I read. I just finished this while my daughter was playing at McDonalds and my heart was racing! It was funny cuz my leg was crossed and I was just shaking my foot like I had ADHD or something. Good book. If you are into scary stuff, this is the book for you. A little sick and twisted but ....well, it makes for a good story. Also, if you are into psychology or psychiatry...you'll like it.

3 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake

I haven't tried this but it sure sounds great! 3 MINUTES!!!!!


1 Coffee Mug
4 tablespoons flour(that's plain flour, not self-rising)
4 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons baking cocoa
1 egg
3 tablespoons milk
3 tablespoons oil
3 tablespoons chocolate chips (optional)

Some nuts (optional)
Small splash of vanilla

Add dry ingredients to mug, and mix well . Add the egg and mix thoroughly.Pour in the milk and oil and mix well.Add the chocolate chips (if using) and vanilla, and mix again.Put your mug in the microwave and cook for 3 minutes on high. The cake will rise over the top of the mug, but don't be alarmed!Allow to cool a little, and tip out onto a plate if desired.EAT! (this can serve 2 if you want to share!)

And why is this the most dangerous cake recipe in the world? Because now we are all only 5 minutes away from chocolate cake at any time of the day or night!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

My NFL debut

I talked about my Tennessee Titans cake in last weekends post but look here, the mommy was nice enough to send me a pic of them with my cake! :) This is Jennifer and Daniel Loper with their baby cake at Bentons Chop House. Thanks Jennifer and congratulations!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Runaway Mistress

Just your garden variety mystery. Pretty predictable but entertaining. This beautiful girl grows up poor, has a chance to get a really rich, old boyfriend, takes the chance, gets used to the lifestyle, hooks up with a mob-type guy, catches him kill his wife, runs away.....you'll have to read it to see how it ends! :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008


I told you guys this was a crazy week! I even forgot to take a pic of two of my birthday cakes....to start off with we have a picture that for whatever reason will not upload in the right direction....oh well, it's an Iowa Hawkeye grooms cake, peanut butter with chocolate ganache iced in buttercream with fondant accents.
A Led Zeppelin grooms cake to represent the grooms favorite t-shirt, marble cake with buttercream icing. I chose to omit the genitalia since the reception was at the church! Oh, and you shoulda seen the pastors face when he saw the cake....he said "Maybe you could place the cross over here by the demon." **shrinking into a corner**
An Arkansas Razorback grooms cake also peanut butter with chocolate ganache

A baby shower with a classic Pooh theme..mommy chose this Tigger cake. White cake with buttercream icing and fondant Tigger.

For the last volleyball game of the year, Lady Pirates thought they should recognize the outgoing seniors.
This cute little caterpillar cake was for a little boy having a bug themed birthday party.
A traditional wedding cake for an older couple (not old...just not 20ish like most couples I bake for) Three tiers, all white cake with buttercream and buttercream roses.

Four tiers iced in buttercream. White cake, strawberry cake, lemon cake and chocolate cake adorned with satin ribbon and fresh flowers from Beco Flowers. This reception was also at Deer Creek Golf Club in Overland Park, KS.
This cake was at Heritage Center in Olathe, KS. Four tiers, alternating shapes, all iced in buttercream in chocolate scrollwork. We decided the cake was busy enough that we didn't need a topper.
Three tiers iced in buttercream with fondant balls.

Three tiers iced in champagne buttercream with chocolate accents at Mission Hills Country Club
And I saved the most exciting for last. Yea, yea, I know the cake's really not all that special but the story is. See, this lady called last week and said, "I am calling from Tennessee and we are going to be in Kansas City this weekend and would like to announce to our families at dinner that we are pregnant." Well, turns out they were going to be in town because her husband plays for the Tennessee Titans! So, I did a onesie shaped cake decorated like the daddy's jersey and added baby blocks.....schweet huh? White cake with strawberry mousse filling, iced in buttercream with fondant accents.
PS- I have to confess that I'm really not a football fan....I love my baseball. So, when I got off the phone with the mommy, I was telling Steve that "her husband plays for the Titan's or something?" and Steve pops up off the couch and gets all excited. "Are you freakin' kidding me?" he says...."That's an NFL team!" Ok, then I got excited...sorry, didn't know! :)


I'm a little late posting this but this past week has been CRAZY! (me likey!)

This cake was at Deer Creek Golf Club in Overland Park. Three tiers stacked, offset with buttercream icing and monogram topper.
Grooms cake was Pitt State Gorillas. Peanut butter cake with chocolate ganache...yum!
Cupcake tree at the brides church in Leawood. All white cake with whipped icing and fresh strawberries and blueberries
Another cupcake tree at Starkers on the Plaza. Cupcakes were red velvet with cream cheese and pumpkin with cream cheese. I think at first the bride may have been shy to ask, but they wanted me to use the grooms deceased grandpas pumpkin cupcake recipe. Of course, I didn't mind and let me tell ya, the recipe was GREAT! Flowers by Jennifer Techau.
And just for kicks, thought I'd let you know what 3 year olds do for fun when your back is turned. Just before pre-school pictures and our family pics with the great Solars...Molly manages to chop every single bang off her head. Great.........

Friday, October 17, 2008

I've been tagged!

5 Joys
1. that first cup of coffee in the morning
2. listening to my kids giggle when they're supposed to be going to bed
3. snuggling with my husband
4. spending time with family
5. a good book, a fuzzy blanket, and a fire on a cold day (coffee is nice here too)

5 Fears
1. drowning
2. losing one of my kids
3. losing my husband
4. the dark
5. the drain at the bottom of the pool

5 Obsessions
1. checking email
2. checking myspace
3. checking bloglines
4. food network
5. turning all the canned goods so the labels face out

5 Surprising Facts
1. my nickname is Frog
2. I was voted "class rebel" my senior year
3. My first job at Big Boy Burgers (grease pit from hell)
4. I am in love with Derek Jeter and Dr. House
5. I used to be a Hooters girl ....before I had kids 100 years ago

Hmmm....who to tag??
1. Heather Cole at Heather Cole Photography
2. Jamie at My Empire of Dirt
3. Josh at Josh Solar Photography
4. Lina at My Life is Yummy
5. Kay at The Wonky Quilter

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Cute cake toppers

Custom made cake tops to match the bride and groom! Visit their website here!

Cupcake Clippie!

And while we are on the subject of DYI...look at this cute hair clip they posted on All Things Cupcake.
For instructions on how to make this cute little thing, go visit this Girly Things....it's free!


I want one! Too bad, I'm already half-way done with Molly's costume...she's going to be a giant chocolate chip cookie (will post pics when I'm done.) I tried desperately to get one of her brothers to be a carton of milk but of course that would be dorky..;)

Anyways, isn't this the cutest costume ever? Maybe next year she'll want to be a cupcake.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It seems like everyone knows someone that has battled cancer...I felt honored to do this sheet cake for a Susan G Koman Breast Cancer Golf Tournament

Yet another Jayhawk cake. This was a bit of a different situation, the bride had already hired a cake lady but decided to have me do the grooms cake. Whatev...I'm cool like that!
Did this Spongebob cake for a 5 year olds birthday. Now Molly wants one for her birthday!
Crown Royal grooms cake
and a mad hatter style cake for a 16 year olds birthday

Wednesday, October 1, 2008


This weekend was the weekend for the crazy polka-dot cakes. This cake was done to match the hat box it sits on. Bride decorated Lee Andrew Interiors using brocade patterns. The brides mom is that super talented Jan Simonelli of Photo Momentos...check out her and her husbands work on their blog.
This one was a mad-hatter style using the couples orange and green colors. Butter cake with chocolate ganache and chocolate cake with bavarian cream filling.
This was a little cupcake tree I did for a small bridal show in Grandview at The View