Sunday, November 23, 2008

Decker's Wedding

Here is the firefighter families that were left at the end of the night...
Sweet little Emma enjoying a cuppy cake!
And another....I think she had like 4 cupcakes :)

"Ok, this how it do what my husband tells you to and then you get a good performance review..."

And here's the boss dancing with his wife...finally.

Aw...Brian and Jess
Steven, is that a drunken stupor look on your face? I was trying to get a pic of Goldie in the background but I couldn't catch her!

Jeanne's gonna kill me!

Me doing the Chicken Dance with Emma.
Emma dancing with her momma.

Emma dancing with her daddy....she's a little dancin' fool!

Poor Decker...he probably feels violated.
This picture is really not all that interesting....oh wait...MRS. SMITH!!!! Shame!
Weiner! Why do you look so petrified?

Butt out Steven

Tim doing a keg stand...he kicked the crap outta Mark!
Weiner did one...
Brian did one...

Mark did one...

And even Jess did one...

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