Tuesday, October 7, 2008


It seems like everyone knows someone that has battled cancer...I felt honored to do this sheet cake for a Susan G Koman Breast Cancer Golf Tournament

Yet another Jayhawk cake. This was a bit of a different situation, the bride had already hired a cake lady but decided to have me do the grooms cake. Whatev...I'm cool like that!
Did this Spongebob cake for a 5 year olds birthday. Now Molly wants one for her birthday!
Crown Royal grooms cake
and a mad hatter style cake for a 16 year olds birthday


Josh said...

that spongebob cake is awesome!

appropriated.muffin said...

i love your cakes!! awesome work! :)

Katie said...

Oh my gosh! The crown royal cake is great! I know a few that would have loved that!

Where are you based?