Thursday, January 17, 2008

Well...I can tell you guys right now that this blog is going to start out very basic. I am computer retarded but since all the cool kids have blogs now, I thought I needed one too. Josh and Jenny, the worlds best phtographers, if you make fun of my blog or my pictures...I swear...NO CAKE FOR YOU! (get it? like the soup nazi?) I know...I'm a dork. Anyways, I am going to attemp to post some pics of cakes from the bridal show this past weekend, we'll see how it goes.

This cake is iced in buttercream and handpainted to match the cake plate. I almost didn't take this cake because I wasn't sure if I liked it but I sure am glad I drew a lot of attention. Even the guys from HyVee came over and took a picture of it.

The rest are just randon cakes...nothin' spectacular.

And then, after spending the entire day at the bridal show, I come home to relax and what happens? My son breaks his arm so I sit in the ER forever!


Jamie said...

Great start to the blog! Now all Ihave to do is remember to visit. I need to start mine up again.

Josh said...

Looks great!

and I will never make fun of the pics, but if you would like them to be bigger let me know and I can help you set it up.

Jenny said...

I love it Sam! And we would never do anything to make you withhold cake :)

Leslie said...

Hi Sam! Love love love the blue painted cake. Gorgeous! You are so talented!