Sunday, May 11, 2008

KC Zombie Walk 2008

Ok, so I realize that this is an odd post for a blog that is dedicated to beautiful cakes and yummy recipes but this is too good to not share. Last night was the first ever KC Zombie Walk. There was no special reason for this except to have fun. We figure about 60-70 zombies showed up and walked through the streets of Westport ending at Kelly's Irish Pub. It was a blast...if you live in KC, I strongly suggest you start planning your costume for the October Zombie Walk and come join us because we had soooooooo much fun!

Here is a nice shot of me and my pal, Jamie...we have been friends for 27 years! (We figured this out in our alcohol-induced stupor...yea, it took us a minute to add it up)

Ah...the poor, unsuspecting living...
This was one brave girl...there is no way I would be able to go in public with that much flesh showing!

I really don't make a very good zombie...I smiled the whole time and during the walk when I was supposed to be acting dead....well, I was cracking up. On a side note, I did use raspberry filling for blood so that kind of fits into the theme of my blog right?

Look what we found on the corner...
Doesn't this guy kind of look like Jim Carrey in The Mask?

She said she thought her neighbors thinks she's crazy now because she was out in the backyard rubbing dirt and grass all over her dress... :)

The guy on the left that kind of looks like Beetlejuice...well, he used black food coloring gel on his face...poor sucker, that really doesn't wash off easily. He went to the bathroom and washed his face because his moss was bothering him and he still had purple drips on his mouth!
This guy was hilarious...
Remember Mystery Science Theatre 3000?
Another odd pic to put on a food blog but look what the toilet seat says in the Ironhorse...I HAD to take a picture of this!

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Josh said...

too funny, see you on Thursday!