Sunday, May 11, 2008


Yahoo for wedding season! I did this cake for my friend Carrie. Two tiers white cake and chocolate cake with raspberry filling, and one tier strawberry cake. Decorated with cornelli lace and matching blue tops with fresh roses and hydrangea. I also did two grooms cakes for them, a firefighter helmet and bunker boots but I forgot to take pics. Duh!

This was a cake for Angela and Steven. It was two tiers carrot cake and two tiers white and chocolate cake with raspberry filling, all iced with cream cheese...yum! Their wedding was at a really cool place...which I think is going to be one of my new favorite venues. This was for a second reception...the couple got married somewhere else, had a reception there and then had another reception here! Three tiers, all white cake with satin ribbon and fresh roses.
This cake was for Don Harman's birthday. He's my favorite person on the morning news and I kinda think his wife is like, the cutest thing EVER! Chocolate cake with almond buttercream.

Did this for a baby shower. Do you know how much I love it when past brides call me to make baby shower cakes? :)
Graduation from UCM...although, it's still hard for me to not call it CMSU.
See you next week!


Grice × 3 said...

I graduated from CMSU. I still call it that. Probably always will. :-D Love the cake though!!! Moe looks awesome.

Grice × 3 said...

p.s. Don Harman is awesome. I love his cake. It looks like Evan's. hehe. :)

Did you see this video of Don???

Be prepared to laugh your booty off!