Sunday, May 25, 2008


OK, so for starters, we went to my sons school for the annual art scramble and the kids had done a unit on symmetry. The art teacher had made this wall o' cakes and I thought it was necessary to have my pic by it! (even if I do look terrible!)

Next, a wedding at Camelot Ballroom in Stanley, KS...the cake kinda matched the wrought iron arch in the background and believe it or not, this was totally by accident. She gave me a scroll to work with and this is what I came up with, without knowing about the arch.

This cake was at the Hillcrest Country Club in South KC. Four hexagon tiers with lots of frilly, girly "stuff". I love the bride and groom eating cake...CUTE!

This behemoth was at the Loose Mansion in Midtown KC. I told the bride this cake was going to be a monster and it was! Four round tiers with random scrolls and course sugar crystals. Fresh rose petals were sprinkled between the tiers.
And just to prove my point, I went and asked the chef to stand by the cake so I could show how tall it was. He said, "No way, you stand by the cake and I'll take the picture!" He then promptly went back to the kitchen where he said he was staying because he was afraid of the cake! HA!
Four tiers, two round, two square, decorated with alternating Swiss dots and comb with silver ribbon and fresh roses. The coordinator made this cake stand and I thought it was fantastic! She used four square vases, filled with dragon tears and roses then added water. She then placed a large piece of glass on top and lit the whole deal with twinkle lights. LOVE IT!

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Josh said...

bummer, I was at Loose Mansion last night. we missed you by one day:)