Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kinda HEALTHY Lasagna

So, originally I started this blog to share a few cake pics and a LOT of healthy recipes that I come across....I seem to have gotten side-tracked. It has been eons since I have posted a healthy recipe and I would say the reason behind this is....well, I haven't really made many healthy meals. With the rush of wedding season and vacation following closely behind, we have fallen off of the "fitness" wagon. HOWEVER, I'm back on.

The other night, the hubs and I were looking through Weight Watchers cookbooks in search of yummy recipes to shop for. We kept returning to the same old stuff. Steve went to the computer for inspiration and found a recipe for lasagna that was supposedly healthy...not true. BUT, at the end of recipe we were given a little kernel of knowledge....make any recipe you want, just substitute healthier items for the ones you shouldn't eat! Wow, what an idea!

So we made this lasagna with whole wheat noodles, chicken rather than hamburger, fat-free cottage cheese instead of ricotta, skim mozarella, lo-sodium marinara, and tons of veggies (zucchini, eggplant, mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and tomatoes.) This turns out to be a little watery thanks to all those vegetables but man, oh man, it was sho nuf good! :)

{Yea, I photography leaves a LOT to be desired}

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