Sunday, August 10, 2008


Ok, so I combined this weekend with last because I only had one wedding last week. This is 4 tier square with buttercream and coarse sugar crystals, satin ribbon, and fresh floral.
Obviously, a luau themed wedding...four tiers iced in buttercream with satin ribbon
This is the wedding from last week, 5 tiers iced in buttercream and then sprayed with pink pearl then wrapped in satin ribbon. The giant mirror made for a pretty cool pic I think. Mom asked if I could actually make a cake that was inverted like that....ummmm, don't think I'll try, I will leave that type of work up to people like Duff! :)
Hey, did you know that the super-duper Solars had their baby? I made this cake for Lia's welcome home know their kids are gonna have like the BEST baby albums of any kid on the planet!

Made this grooms cake to look like the General Lee. The bride asked if I could make it going up a hill or something since the real General Lee was always jumping something
Hannah Montana guitar and cupcakes iced in buttercream with fondant stars
Love this! My friend Kim actually made this cake with my help. She was so excited at the party, telling everyone "I made the cake!" and no one believed her! :(


Josh said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful cake...and our kids will have great baby albums, but your kids get the absolute BEST cake in the whole world!

Jenny said...

Mmmm... that cake was amazing! You really outdid yourself this time :) Thanks again!!