Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Amber Room by Steve Berry

I just finished The Amber Room by Steve Berry. This is a fiction mystery which I LOVE. The story is about a room that Prussians had crafted out of amber pieces....imagine, an entire room pieced together from beautiful golden amber! The story is that during WWII countries (namely Germany under Hitlers regime) were stealing precious works of art from each other and hiding them away. This is a sort of war crime (I think) and when the war was over, the art should have been returned to it's rightful owner(which of course, was an argument in itself)....well, the Amber Room disappeared. Treasure hunters have been searching for this room for decades trying to find their fortune. This is a great book, very thrilling and to make it even better...the Amber Room is real. After I finished the book I went to the Internet to look for info....I have posted a picture of the replicated amber room below, the original is still missing. You can also view this video clip from ABC on the subject. I think this is fascinating!
Isn't this just beautiful? I'm sure it would be hard to keep your jaw off the floor in a place like this. :)

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