Monday, August 11, 2008

Deanna Rose Children's Farmstead

Yesterday, we had planned on going to the water park for the day but since it was so cool, we opted for Deanna Rose instead. If you have kids, and haven't been there, go. It's fun AND free.

So, when I went to wake up the kids, Luke had decided to use the cat as a sleep mask...:)

This is Molly Lou telling the black goat to get off of the brown one...not nice!!!
Luke's whopper...catch of the day, eh? You can pay $3 and get a little tin bucket of worms and the kids can fish with cane poles in the little lake.
Molly and Meme gave it a whirl too (but Meme didn't even put a worm on her hook)
They have these tiny little goats that you can pay $1 for a bottle and feed. They liked to eat my clothes and hair instead.
Dorian got them to work on his bottle but it was like fighting off a mob really.
Molly Lou sitting at a desk in the one-room schoolhouse...she drew a very nice Plankton for the teacher on her chalkboard.
If you know my mom, you won't be surprised that she sat on the ORANGE bench in the butterfly garden....she has O.C.D. I think...anything yellow or orange is automatically her favorite. (P.S.-we didn't see any butterflies in the butterfly garden but as soon as we walked out....guess what we saw? A butterfly bush....and guess what was on the butterfly bush? I wonder why they didn't plant that inside the butterfly garden???)

Three flowers, three's a given that I would want my kids in them right? As you can see, the older they get (and the more manly) the less excited they are to be posing as poseys.

Then at bedtime, Molly and I had a little fun with our ponytails. If one pony is good, why not add a few more?

And more.....
And more...until it finally falls over! :)
Thanks for peeping our Fun Day...see ya soon!

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