Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our American King by David Lozell Martin

I am a bookworm...plain and simple. I will read anything I can get my hands on....I've even read a biography on pigeons once. When I go to the library, I just pick up a stack of books that spark my interest and come home to plow through them. Last trip to the library, I picked up "Our American King."

This book is VERY interesting. Of course, it is fiction but it reminds us of what we as Americans take for granted. My husband has been saying that our government is really screwing up and is going to make us into a 3rd-world country (depressing news, I know) so reading this book after hearing him say things like that is especially creepy. Anyways, in the book, the government fails, the rich and higher-ups hoard all of the necessary resources and leave the rest of the country to starve. It's like the common people have been sent back a few hundred years and have to live like their ancestors with no running water, electricity, grocery stores, etc. Give it a read, it will make you glad for the conveniences that we have!

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