Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Christmas Blessing by Donna VanLiere

I know it's after Christmas but I said I would let you know how the sequel the Christmas Shoes was. This is a great book, even if it is after Christmas.

In the story the little boy from the first book, who bought the shoes for his dying mother, is grown up and going to school to be a doctor. While doing his internship he meets a girl and eventually falls in love. The girl he loves gets very ill and needs a transplant...she gets sicker and sicker but no transplant is available and just when she's about to die, the Christmas miracle happens, a transplant is found! The greatest part is where the transplant comes from but I won't tell you, just in case you wanted to read the book. :) It's a tear jerker just like the first book but it's still good. You know the feeling, when it feels like someone reaches into your chest and squeezes your heart? That's what this book did to me. Hope ya like it!

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